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Reversed! Ebony and Ivory
A reversed version of :icondiamondeyedgemini:…

Anyway Clara and Melinia are trapped in the Fade and they seem to be quite flustered and distracted by the desire demons~

Clara and Melinia belong to :icondiamondeyedgemini:
I have a bad feeling about this...
During Elros's adventure, she came across The Kingdom of the Wood Elves,the home of her biological mother. Due to her hybrid look,the elven guard took her to the Queen of the Wood Elves,to check to make sure she isn't a spy sent by the High elves.

(Note: Since Elros's uncle took the throne,the other elven kingdoms [there is 4 elven kingdoms] have started a war against him. The High Elves are backed up with the Snow Elves,while the dark elves and the wood elves are fighting along side the Dwarfs. The humans, orcs,and Giants do not know of the war)

Elros is cleaned and dressed as one of the Wood Elves and taken to the Queen. Once they inspect and question Elros,they seem to be surprised she doesn't know they are at war. The Queen,a beautiful Elf named Eillana, takes Elros into her Castle with open arms and let's her stay (The Wood Elves did take away her sword, due to its silver coating.)

Elros stays for almost a month, decided to be working as the Queen's​ guard and head hunter. Due to Elros's looks, the Queen takes a liking to her and has attempted to seduce her a couple of times,but decided to wait for later. When Elros is packing to leave, and is at the castle gates, Eillana kisses Elros goodbye.
Who goes first?
"Who goes first?"
"Not sure Taoh."
"Well this hold be interesting."
Taoh and Evlarian are unsure who should fight this foe first! A wait for battle will begin!?

Evlarian belongs to :iconelvisfonz22:
This is Taoh
Continuation of…

Taoh crash landed on earth as a kid after fighting a powerful foe and attempted to sacrifice herself so her squad can escape. She was found mortality wounded by a hermit martial artist named Sumai. He took in Taoh and raised her as his own,due to the wound on her head caused amnesia.

Sumai raises Taoh along side his own 2 children,but teaches her how to fight due to her own nature and for Sumai to have a legacy in the martial arts world.

Taoh use to be hotheaded, cold,snarkish,and just a total bitch but due to the head injury, her attitude changed. She became calm and collected,patient and kind, and very easy to talk to.

She still has the saiyan pride and will to fight.
Assassin Akio
Aaaaaaaand another one x3

Akio(Ascheriit) information:

Akio (Ascheriit) is a firebender from a multicultural family. Akio's mother is a water bender while her father is a firebender. She is the middle child. She has two half brothers. She is also the first and only firebender in her generation on her mother's side of the family.

Akio was born in the southern water tribe. She is a child born out of wed lock and has no clue on who her biological father is. She doesn't care though​ as she sees her step dad as her real father. Due to her mix heritage she was an outcast as a child and only played with the animals,due to the fact they where nicer to her than the other kids. She did make one human friend, a water bender girl named Tenshi.

At age 8 she was kidnapped by her own father and was taken to the Fire Nation. Her father, named Genzo, found out about her by a local who knew and worked for Genzo. Genzo kidnapped her to train her as one of his assassins to keep an eye on her and to make sure she suffers. He makes her go through trials to enter the guild,and she passes them in flying colors.

When she turned 10,she is getting picked on by the other assassins for her mix heritage and heterochromia, they call her "Mutt" and "Half breed". It angered her so much she accidentally shot a fireball at one of the assassins. This is also the time she learns to firebend. The teaseing got worse due to her blue flame.

At age 12 Akio is assigned her first contract. She is to guard a nobleman and kill any assassin or mercenary after him. She soon meets Hisoka and seeing him she sees how they have the same hair color. She can see the resemblance but doesn't question it and does her job. Genzo sees the two together and tries not to panic,due to the fact he didn't know that his own wife hired one of his assassins. Or the fact she hired his basterd child. He keeps calm and when the contract is over, he burns Akio's back and starts to give her a hard time and hard comtracts.

At age 16 she runs away from the assassins and leaves the fire nation. She ends up on Kyoshi Island and is taken in by an elderly widow named Iris. This is when she soon discovers that she had family from her mother's side lived on Kyoshi for awhile. The main reason she knows they are family is due to the fact Iris said she looked, "too much like Ishi". Akio doesn't stay long, due to the fact the assassins are hunting her down, but keeps in touch to Iris and writes to her often. During her travels,she meets a 10 year old street rat named Hirro in Ba Sing Sei. Hirro is a orphaned girl and attempted to pick pocket Akio. It failed and Akio almost slit her throat. They meet again when Hirro is in trouble with the local thugs. Akio kills them,but Hirro kills one herself and starts to panic. Akio,feeling pity and seeing herself in Hirro,takes her in and trains her herself.

They travel to republic city, Akio got a letter from Iris saying Ishi is living there, in which they get arrested for property damage (they saved an elderly couple) and Akio meets Metalbending Police officer Sora. Once Sora sees Akio, she is startled due to Akio's striking resemblance to her mother. Sora let's the two off the hook and let's them stay with her family. Sora talks to Akio late at night to discover they are in fact cousins and that Ishi is missing.

They team up, while Sora sends letters to her brothers that they need help to find Ishi.

Fact: Her scars on her body where caused by some of her contracts and mercenaries. The one on her face is caused by her father.

-She has two different eye colors and uses them to her advantage,when in the fire nation she covers her blue eye, when traveling she covers her gold eye.

-she has a striking resemblance to Ishi (except with white hair)

-due to how she is dressed, she is normally confused with being a water bender, and at times people don't know if she is at bender or not.

Taged by :iconastromel:

1. Write/ copy and paste the rules
2. Write 13 things about yourself
3. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure that they know that they're tagged
5. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
6. It is forbidden to not tag anyone
7. Tag backs are allowed
8. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need obey a wish of the person who tagged you 13 facts about me:

1: My room is a mess right now
2: I am playing The Witcher 3 as we speak
3: I main McCree in overwatch (HAVE A PROBLEM FIGHT ME)
4:I can play guitar and bass guitar
5:most of my OCS have scars
6: I play Bloodborne too much
7: I play alot of video games
8:I drink coffee and tea
9: Favorite comic has to be Death:The high coast of living and Time of your life by the same title
10: I read too much :D
11:play on PS4 an PC
12:I have a smol dog named Neil
13:My brother is about to hit the keygbkgkksbsjsodbdjxdod

now it's time for the 13 she asked me BRING IT
1. What's the worst thing you dreamt of?
-I was stabbed though the stomach. Repeatedly.
2. What's the weirdest thing you've been told?
-"If you're a lesbian,does that make you a different race?" What.The.Fuck.
3. How do you manage to look so good, you handsome devil?
- °\\\° I don't do anything
4. Recommend a band and your favorite song by them to your watchers.
-I don't really have a favorite so maybe others can recommend it?
5. Got any cool jokes?
6. What is your motivation?
7. Kool Aid or Caprisun?
8. What's the cringiest thing you've seen your school do?
- Doing the damn Daniel meme on our posters and a fuck tone more shit they do
9. The telephone rings. You answer. Who is it and what is the voice telling you?
-My mom,yelling at me for saying a dumb joke xD
10. What's the most heated you've been in an argument?
-With an old ex friend about my sexuality
11. Do you also BS all of your essays?
- what kind of question is that? Of course I do
12. Do you think you could live off of a diet of potatoes? Asking for a friend.
- Actually it's possible,but being over weight is a side effect
13. How would you align yourself? (chaotic good, lawful evil, etc.)
-Neutral good

Questions for you!
1. What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?
2.What’s your biggest fear?
3.What’s your favorite thing you own and why?
4. When was the moment in your life you laughed the hardest
5. What did you dream about last night?
6.Where do you want to travel?
7.What did you dream about last night?
8.Which pastry should we shoot into space as a peace offering to hostile civilizations?
9.Which number do you find least trustworthy?
10.Have any birds followed you today?
11.How tall are you?
12.If you could go back in time to change one thing what would it be?
13.Whats your favourite swear word?
  • Listening to: Whatever is good
  • Reading: Hell boy
  • Watching: Shameless
  • Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition
  • Eating: Brownies
  • Drinking: Coffee


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